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BIll Master Certified Licensed Massage Therapist

 1241 East Philadelphia Ave. #3, Gilbertsville, Pa. 19525

(Off street parking accessible from right side of building/ Entrance is Double white doors in front of the building)


My name is Bill Master and I am a Certified Massage Therapist, licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania and insured by ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals). Adhering to a strict Code of Ethics, you will be guaranteed to receive both professional and ethical treatment during each and every massage session.

I am a graduate of Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and am trained in many different massage modalities.

I've been asked why I chose this profession and the answer is very simple. I too, have dealt with physical issues in the past and had not always received the most professional or competent care. It is my desire to administer the most professional & competent care to all of my clients. Everyone is treated individually, with the utmost care and compassion. It is my goal for "Healing For The Body Massage & Bodyworks LLC" to be known as a place for "Restoring  Hope, Healing and Wholeness".

Many have been told that their condition is something that they just have to live with and that is not necessarily true. They've been told that medication is the only answer to their problem- again, not true in every case. Many people think that every time they have pain that they just need to get an alignment- in some cases that is true, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes the muscles are the cause of the problem and not skeletal issues. Massage is an option that many people seem to overlook and yet may offer you the results that you want to achieve at considerably less cost than a lifetime of medication, surgical procedures or other treatments. 

Your body desires homeostasis, that is balance, completeness, wholeness and will compensate for irregularities in your body to acheive that wholeness. I've worked with people with chronic issues, sciatica type symptoms, carpal tunnel symptoms, neck, back, shoulder, hip and foot issues with great success. I have also worked with clients who just want a nice, relaxing massage with great success. Whether you are in need of specific therapeutic treatment or just want to relax, allow me the opportunity to help you restore HOPE to your life, to facilitate your body's natural HEALING process and bring you closer to the WHOLENESS (homeostasis) that you so desire and can still achieve in your life.


Active Military, Police, Fire, EMS and spouses enjoy VIP treatment and pricing!

Call and Make an Appointment Today! (267)-923-1009

You may also email me at healingforthebody@gmail.com or make your appointment online right here by going to the Hours & Scheduling link.


Please be aware that I do not take "walk-ins". All massage sessions are by appointment only.


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